Northern Arizona University offers course for students to vent about capitalism

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Oh, academia, you never fail to go way, way too far.

The Turning Point USA chapter at Northern Arizona University posted following on their Facebook page:

Did anyone else get the beautiful email entitled “Women’s and Gender Studies Course” which is on the automatic email list for all students in Social and Behavioral Sciences-including political science. Ever see an email from NAU SBS with even the slightest right leaning tendencies?

Here is the flyer promoting the course:


Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Writing as Resistance (WGS 399) is not the fact that encourages creative writing as a form of activism — in fact, there is nothing wrong with that at all — but rather that the public university offers a course driven by the idea that capitalism can be grouped in with racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, ableism, and anti-immigrant ideologies.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, and most of the topics resisted against in the course are wrong and despicable, but to equate them with capitalism does nothing but indoctrinate students in order to further the left’s big government, socialist agenda.

Should Northern Arizona University be allowed to offer this course? Let us know what you thing in the comments below!

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