Ole Miss Shelled Out $130,000 For Wiz Khalifa Concert

Ole Miss Shelled Out $130,000 For Wiz Khalifa Concert

University administrations all across the country have proven to be notorious for wasting massive amounts of tax dollars and tuition. For example, the University of California system had $15 billion less in the bank than they paid for thousands of retirees’ pensions. In fact, over 5,400 retirees receive over $100,000 each for their yearly pension. Another example is that of Texas State University hiring math professors to promote social justice — a topic with no relevance to mathematics whatsoever.

Now, it seems that one public university is seeking to steal the show — as far as gross mismanagement of funds goes.

The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) allocated a whopping $130,000 to bringing rap icon Wiz Khalifa to perform on campus as part of a back-to-school concert. The performance, however, did not occur without controversy as many questioned his song lyrics’ glorification of drug use and degradation of women.

The College Fix got ahold of the contract between the University of Mississippi and Wiz Khalifa’s management company. The contract showed proof of compensation for the one-hour show at $130,000. It was reported that nearly 5,000 students — out of roughly 21,000 students attending the university — attended the event.

The concert in question occurred at Ole Miss on August 25 on campus and was open only to students. The Student Activities Association put on the event as part of the university welcome week. The event was open to all students who had free access with a student ID.

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Many alumni are criticizing the allocation of funds for this concert — including Ed Meek, who donated $5.3 million to university’s journalism school that is now named after and him and his wife. Meek stated to The Daily Mississippian:

“This guy does not represent our values. How does the UM administration expect our students to act when presented this kind of role model.Wiz’s music touts abuse of women, minorities by using the N-word and clearly promotes drug abuse.”

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Another alumnus, Meg Carter, commented to Lifezette:

“Wiz Khalifa continues to self-promote an image of heavy drug use, disparaging views of women, and downright foul and offensive language used in his song lyrics and social media presence. Ole Miss had always fostered a culture when I was a student that these things and other of the like were not acceptable or would not be tolerated on campus. Has this changed?”

Officials of the university administration have at this point refused to comment on the substantial expenditure funded by the Student Union. We will update this story as it develops.

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