Woman Awarded £9,000,000 For ‘Wrongful Birth’ Of Baby With Hemophilia & Autism

Woman Awarded £9,000,000 For ‘Wrongful Birth’ Of Baby With Hemophilia & Autism

In England, a 40-year-old woman named Omodele Meadows was recently awarded the large sum of £9,000,000 because her doctor failed to inform her that her son would be born disabled.

Omodele Meadows was tested for hemophilia but assured that she did not have the disease

Omodele Meadows
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Back in 2006, one of Meadows’s nephews was born with hemophilia, a blood disorder in which the blood does not clot properly. Knowing how difficult it is to raise a child with the condition, Meadows had herself tested for the gene linked to carrying the disease. She was assured by Dr. Hafshah Khan that she did not have the gene.

When Meadows became pregnant a few years ago, she didn’t have her baby tested, since she was assured that she did not carry the disease. However, after her son Adejuwon was born, it was discovered that he had hemophilia. After another test, Meadows learned that she did have hemophilia.

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Meadows sued and won against her doctor

Omodele Meadows
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Meadows was upset that her doctor had misinformed her since it was never her intention to raise a child with hemophilia. Agreeing that it was because of her negligence, Dr. Khan agreed to compensate Meadows with a sum of £1.4m. However, Dr. Khan would not offer payment for the child’s autism, claiming that this condition had nothing to do with her negligence but was simply “bad luck” and no one’s fault.

Meadows disagreed as she claimed that if it had not been for Dr. Khan’s negligence, the child would not have even been born in the first place as she would have chosen an abortion. High Court judge, Mrs. Justice Yip, agreed with Meadows and ordered Dr. Khan to pay a total of £9,000,000 to her.

The judge added that Meadows was only seeking the financial compensation to help her son. According to the judge, Meadows has the utmost affection for him. As the judge said:

She had specifically sought to avoid bringing a child with hemophilia into the world, knowing the suffering that condition causes. The fact that she says clearly that she would have terminated her pregnancy had she known the baby would have hemophilia is not the same at all as saying that Adejuwon is now an unwanted child.

The judge believes that Meadows’s only motive is about providing for her son despite not having wanted him with his condition.

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