One Summer Could Change Your Life

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There are stereotypical scenes that play within a mind when one thinks of college students on summer break. Maybe the scenes are depicting partying, loose sexuality, and drinking an excessive amount. Maybe the scenes don’t depict debauchery, but they do depict a college student who sleeps all day, only to roll out of bed, grab some pizza, and watch YouTube into the small hours of the morning (and repeat). 

We all have our own ideas associated with summer break. In our society, it is typically expected to be a season of time that is simply spent sitting around, wasting time. People look forward to break as time to do absolutely nothing.

However, what if I told you that one summer could change your life?

It just takes one summer, a little more than three months, to make a lifetime of a difference. Think about all the time you have planned to sit around; what if that was actually invested in something? What if you walked into the summer looking for an opportunity to make a difference, to grow yourself?

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For example, those extra pounds you’ve been carrying and complaining about for years? What if you looked at this summer as the opportunity to lose them for good? What if you disciplined and dedicated yourself to eating healthy foods and being active? You could walk into the fall with a completely changed body, changed habits, and discipline that could last a lifetime.

Or, say you’ve always wanted to learn about something. This summer could be the time when you buckle down, pick up some books, look up some podcasts, and actually LEARN. Instead of playing video games for hours, you could absorb as much information as possible about this subject. If dedicated, you could walk out of the next three months with a huge amount of knowledge.

We don’t have to fall into the trap that summer is supposed to be the time we waste as college students. Frankly, you’ll NEVER have free time like this again; even if you’re working like I am this summer, you still will have a large amount of extra time. Why not invest it in something that will last longer than this summer?

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Pick up some books and digest the information they hold. Apply for an internship and learn about the field while gaining experience. Pick up an instrument and dedicate time to learning. Volunteer at a charity or ministry that is doing work to better this world, and invest in others. Become a better writer, painter, speaker, athlete.

Whatever you’ve been longing to do, however you’ve been wanting to change, wherever you’ve been wanting to grow, put your mind to it this summer. Why wait? After all, one summer could change your life.

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