Orlando nightclub shooting: Omar Mateen’s widow arrested

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The widow of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen was arrested by federal authorities Monday in connection to the massacre that occurred in June, FBI spokesman Prentice Danner said.

According to a law enforcement official, Noor Salman is facing charges which include obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting Mateen’s material support to ISIS.

Danner said Salman was arrested in the San Francisco area Monday morning.

Salman has raised eyebrows since her husband’s mass shooting in the Orlando gay nightclub, which killed 49 people and injured over 50 others. Mateen was killed shortly after hiding out in the nightclub bathroom.

The scrutiny for Salman’s involvement began when officials saw that the shooter had texted his wife during the attack.

Salman provided conflicting statements to authorities on what Mateen’s intentions were before leaving their home. She said she knew of her husband wanting to commit a jihadist attack but was unaware of any official plans.

Something that raised a red flag to authorities was Mateen’s finances leading up to the attack. Weeks before, he spend thousands of dollars, added his wife to his life insurance plan, and transferred his portion of his home to his sister and brother-in-law for only $10.

Officials consider that Salman purposely attempted to mislead and hinder the investigation into her husband’s mass murder. She will appear in court in Oakland on Tuesday, according to Assistant US Attorney Abraham Simmons.

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