Other BuzzFeed articles that got more page views than the ‘Fixer Upper’ hit piece

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Earlier this week, BuzzFeed News ran the following piece, “Chip and Joanna Gianes’ Church Is Firmly Against Same-Sex Marriage”. The story was about how the “Fixer Upper” couple’s pastor was against same-sex marriage. It is important to note that in the story, it is not revealed if Chip and Jonna agree with their pastor.

Needless to say, it has been a bad PR week for BuzzFeed. The piece has been seen as a way to make Chip and Joanna look like horrible people and unnecessarily drag the apolitcal family into a nasty culture war.

What could make the whole debacle worth it to BuzzFeed is if it generated a massive amount of page views for the story. While in general terms, the story has performed well, but with the amount of news about it and comparing it to other stories on BuzzFeed from this week, it seems the story and the surrounding controversy has been a pyrrhic victory for the company.

Here are other stories from this past week that have performed better than the “Fixer Upper” piece at press time:

  1. 15 Hipster Food Trends That Need To Die In 2017 (1,496,827 page views)
  2. We Know What Your Relationship Status Will Be In 2017 (1,383,439 page views)
  3. A Dog Who Was Left At A Shelter Late Saw Her Family Come For A New Dog (1,403,710 page views)
  4. 18 More Things Japan Has That The Rest Of The World Desperately Needs  (816,036 page views)
  5. Police Set Up A Camera In Kansas To Find A Mountain Lion And WTF Is Happening (814,813 page views)
  6. Chip and Joanna Gianes’ Church Is Firmly Against Same-Sex Marriage (773,481 page views)

Clearly, people are more interested in hipster food trends (not me) and things Japan has that people in the U.S. do not.

Regardless, it appears HGTV is sticking by the Gianes family. HGTV congratulated the couple on their “record-breaking premiere…”

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