VIDEO: Parent Protests After Son Brings Graphic Gender Identity Packet From School

VIDEO: Parent Protests After Son Brings Graphic Gender Identity Packet From School

Schools have been known to slip information to children without the parents’ approval. There have been many recent incidents regarding young children being subjected to LGBT-related information.

This past week in Cambridge, New York, a 7th grade teacher was suspended with pay for giving her class a detailed packet about gender identity and having a guest speaker present the information. In addition, the second day of presentations by the same guest speaker from the Pride Center of Capital Region was canceled, according to The Post Star.

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Graphic content

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According to his live Facebook video, one parent named Sirell Fiel was helping his son with his homework when he discovered the graphic gender identity packet. Before he goes into any of his complaints, Fiel first said that he understands people are different and that these different lifestyles exist. However, he is Christian and lives by his own beliefs and values. Fiel believes that it is his responsibility to teach his children about this information, not the school district’s.

In the 42-page packet, there is detailed information about sexual reconstructive surgery. Things such as how to hide your privates or create false ones to give the impression that you’re the opposite gender.

There is also information about different terms for different sexual positions and preferences. Fiel said that out of the 50 plus terms and definitions, there are about one or two that are useful to his son and the rest are completely inappropriate.

Fiel’s son was given the packet and told to study it as there would be a test on the material. As Fiel repeatedly said throughout the video, these are 7th graders and should not be subjected to this graphic information. Fiel even went as far as to call the packet “state-funded porn,” and also said, “they are literally taking the innocence out of our children every day.”

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The school is investigating

Cambridge Central School will be investigating the event. “The parents have concerns, and they are mine as well,” said Superintendent Vince Canini. Apparently, this program has been in use for 12 years and has never caused an issue before.

President and CEO of the Pride Center of the Capital Region, Martha Harvey, would not release information about the guest speaker who visited the school.

“Transgender kids are coming out younger and younger. Middle school is not too early to start.”

She claimed that “if you love your kids, you want them to have the most information possible. If a parent has a problem with this presentation, that’s the parent’s problem.” Harvey also added that her organization was invited to speak at the school and that their program saves lives.

What do you think about the graphic gender identity packet that was given to children from the school without parents’ consent? Let us know in the comments section below.