People are happy about the Gatlinburg Wildfires — and it’s terrible

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While many of us are horrified about the mass destruction left by the wildfires that ripped through the popular town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, there are a few people who do not feel the same. Some users took to Twitter to let their controversial and down right awful opinions be known.

tobiasstupidpart2 stupidwhite-people

In the past 24 hours, these Twitter posts have circulated around Twitter and Facebook receiving thousands of retweets, shares and comments. The reaction of most people who have seen these tweets have based in disgust or horror, while just a few have found nothing wrong with them.

When I first saw these tweets they made a few questions come to mind. The first being, do these people really believe this or are they just attention starved internet trolls? Do people really think that supporting a certain political candidate means that they deserve to have their houses burnt down or potentially lose their loved ones in a fire.

If the candidates and races in these tweets had been flipped, we all know that they would be in news headlines for the next three days.

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