University of Pittsburg Students to Stage Walkout This Friday

University of Pittsburg Students to Stage Walkout This Friday

Last year, on November 17, University of Pittsburgh students “marched together in the streets of Oakland to demand an end to student debt and protest Trump’s election.” They were met by the Pittsburgh Police, who, according to protesters, “brutally beat, injured and arrested multiple students right outside of their dorms.”

Pitt students will "walk out of class" to "disarm police," and also protest student debt. Those are related, apparently.
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Now, concerned students will rally again, on the anniversary of that “horrific night.” They will “demand that the University take steps to disarm campus cops.” Further, they want city cops “[banned]” from campus.

On Friday, students will “walk out of class to demonstrate that our classes cannot be as important as the safety of our friends.” They “[demand]” a “more just campus and world.”

The students feel as though their voices have “been silenced,” and that “Pitt administration” crudely “venerated police action.” Also, they are upset that their “debt continues to grow.”

It is unclear how “Pitt administration” or the “Pitt police” are responsible for the “debt” of individual students. Also unclear is what, exactly, would constitute a “just & safe space.” Would it be a campus without any security whatsoever? Are the students in favor of firing all these “[workers]?”

Anarchists, anarcha-feminists, prison abolitionists, and “pro-Bernie” people, too!

While the protesters do not endorse any particular ideology, their list of partners is revealing. One partner just so happens to be the Pittsburg branch of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM), which was recently featured on Turning Point News.

RAM “is a political movement dedicated to freeing people from bondage and building resistance in the United States.” They “invite revolutionaries to help build a contemporary underground railroad, outside the reach of the state.”

Eventually, RAM will “transition from resistance to a revolutionary situation.” In order to begin that “revolutionary process,” RAM plans to “[expropriate]” “goods, land, and tools” from “those who withhold them.” Curiously, RAM also wants to “[abolish] gender constraints.”

Nightshade Pgh is an “anarcha-feminist collective devoted to ensuring a safer community for women/POC/queer/trans folk in Pittsburgh.” Filler, another rally partner, is a “radical zine + distro.” Apparently, they want you to “f*ck your yuppie roommate.”

Also in attendance will be Pitt Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). SDS is a “radical multi-issue organization” that “builds people-power” in “schools” and “communities.”

While SDS is a bit more coy about their politics than RAM and Nightshade Pgh, one of their flyers does pander directly to Bernie Sanders voters. Indeed, it assures “pro-Bernie” people that “the revolution” continues. They must continue to struggle against “RACISM, SEXISM, XENOPHOBIA,” and “TUITION,” in all-caps.

So, are you ready to skip class for the revolution?

The rally will take place on Friday, November 17, from 3:30 to 6:30 PM. Students will “walk out of class” as part of the demonstration, meant to disarm police. All relevant details are available on Facebook.

Ironically, November 17 is also the date of NYU’s Reinventing Revolution Conference, which will focus on the “legacies” of Bolshevism.

What do you think of the Pitt students’ demands? How about their list of partners? Will you attend the walkout? Let us know in the comments below!