Planned Parenthood to be Defunded

Planned Parenthood to be Defunded

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said on Thursday that, “Planned Parenthood legislation will be in our reconciliation bill,” He has also stated that the bill will also repeal most provisions within Obamacare.

Many have argued that Planned parenthood shouldn’t receive funding due to the Hyde amendment which states that no federal money is supposed to go to programs that include abortion services, unless they are needed to preserve the life of the mother or are caused by rape.

Democrats immediately condemned that Republicans were working to remove the possibility of future federal funds being allocated to Planned Parenthood.

Nancy Pelosi in response stated:

“So I just would like to speak individually to women across America: this is about respect for you, for your judgment about your personal decisions in terms of your reproductive needs, the size and timing of your family or the rest, not to be determined by the insurance company or by the Republican ideological right-wing caucus in the House of Representatives. So this is a very important occasion where we’re pointing out very specifically what repeal of the (Affordable Care Act) will mean to woman.”

President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards, said “it’s likely no accident that this attack was launched the day after Vice President-elect Mike Pence, a long-time opponent of Planned Parenthood, held a closed-door meeting with Speaker Ryan and the Republican leadership.”

Due to the very nature of the reconciliation process, Democrats will be unable to take part in a filibuster, meaning that Republicans only need a majority vote, which they already have.

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