Polished Men: Aaron Rodgers

Polished Men: Aaron Rodgers

On the field Aaron Rodgers is everything a NFL franchise can ever hope to have under center.  He’s poised, accurate and has complete control of the offense.  When fans and most commentators talk about Rodgers they place him in the ranks of the all-time greatest and for a good reason – his stats are out of this world and there is not a guy you would rather have if you need a score to win the game.  But it seems like we think A-Rod just fell from the sky, as if his greatness on the field is not a synergy between his skills and the structured environment he’s had in his entire career.

Aaron was drafted in the first round and sat behind Brett Favre while Favre was still playing at a fantastic level.  Furthermore, Aaron is running the same offensive system he watched Favre run for several years.  At this point in his career Aaron’s command of the system is probably only second only to his coaches.  And finally, his team is notorious for developing and keeping talent in house meaning Aaron’s supporting cast is consistent year in a year out.

The product we see on the field is not a standalone entity.  Rodgers’ is a result of a deliberate plan coming to fruition. His is the type of situation every general manager would like to bring a rookie into.  Which brings me to my point – our society, this wonderful society that has given the world airplanes, pacemakers, cell phones, brain surgery and has almost eradicated infant mortality is predicated on families – married mothers and fathers – loving, protecting and leading children as the Packer organization has done for a once fragile rookie.

The second greatest success progressives have had in their quest for total government is how they have so distorted the institution of marriage.  That because if families are strong the role of government in the lives of citizenry is greatly limited.  For example, when progressives began “helping” poor women in the late ’50 these families were almost as likely to be married as middle and upper class families.  But what happened in the poorest communities was that men were essentially let off the hook – housing, food and any number of other things were now provided by the state.  What progressives didn’t foresee was that making men disposable in the economic realm also meant that they were disposable in the social realm.

The statistics are clear, after the advent of large scale social programs violent crime exploded in places that had been, in comparison, peaceful.  What happened was young boys stopped getting the daily development a traditional family is meant to provide.  Imagine a rookie Aaron Rodgers sitting behind another rookie quarterback, instead of an experienced professional, for a few weeks, instead of a few years, before he is asked to become lead a franchise.

His chances of becoming the polished product he is today would have been greatly diminished.  The reason why conservatives harp on illegitimacy instead of poverty when it comes to crime is because we understand that producing a polished man is not an event, it’s a process and whenever that process is executed correctly the sky is the limit – just ask Aaron Rodgers.

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