Poll: 85% of Americans Support Free Speech For All

Poll: 85% of Americans Support Free Speech For All

A new poll was released today by the Center for Security Policy which should make you feel a lot better about the current state of affairs here in the U.S.

After the events in Charlottesville and continual suppression of conservative’s free speech on college campuses, it’s nice to see that American’s have not lost sight of what’s truly important. According to the poll, a shocking 85% of American’s said that they support free speech rights for everyone, even those they disagree with or may find offensive.

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Thinking it might have been a fluke the question was framed slightly different, yet the results remained the same. This implies that the individuals have a fairly firm grasp on the question and all the implications that may come along with it.


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Even more surprising than 85% of people still supporting free speech for everyone was that when asked about the ANTIFA organization and their methods, a whole 63% opposed their methods of violent responses to speech the group finds offensive or disagrees with.

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It’s nice to see that despite how the Left media tries to persuade us otherwise, the majority of Americans don’t support the actions of violent extremist groups like ANTIFA. Most Americans understand that free speech is truly only free if it applies to all, not just the views you support.

Before liberals try to start arguing with these results, take a look at the selection of American’s sampled below. It’s clear that this group was meant to represent America as a whole, not try to skew results in any particular political parties direction.

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(H/T Milo Yiannopoulos)

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