Powerball Winner is Refusing to Accept Her Prize: Here’s Why

Powerball Winner is Refusing to Accept Her Prize: Here’s Why

A woman from New Hampshire was the lucky winner of the huge Powerball prize of $560 million announced in January but still hasn’t received her prize money. Her reason? She doesn’t want to release her name to the public in order to protect her safety. The woman, who we’ll refer to as Jane Doe, is now filing a suit in order to keep her name private as New Hampshire Lottery rules require her to sign the back of her ticket with her name.

Doe didn’t know this at the time, but if she had written a trust on the back of her winning ticket instead of her name, rules would have allowed her to remain private. In the lawsuit documents, she was cited as calling that decision “a huge mistake.” Many people whimsically purchase these tickets, with absolutely no expectation of actually winning the prize, so they don’t think these things through.

“While we respect this player’s desire to remain anonymous, state statutes and lottery rules clearly dictate protocols,” said New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre. Doe and her lawyer asked if she could white out her name in front of lottery officials and change the name to her trust, however, lottery rules state that doing so would invalidate her winning ticket and she would lose out of $560 million.

A hearing has been set for the 21st of February, so we will find out then if lucky Jane Doe is going to receive her money privately, or be required to give her name.

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A Millennial’s Perspective

I completely understand why this woman doesn’t want to release her name, I personally would do the same. Winning a huge sum of money like that makes you a target, not only for beggars and ‘fans,’ but for thieves. I’m sure that if she knew ahead of time that she would have to give her name if she signed her name on the lottery ticket she would have. That’s not necessarily common knowledge, and besides that, most people who play the lottery don’t think they’ll win as it’s likely that they won’t.

I’m hoping for her case to go through, as it can be really dangerous to have your name out there with the title “millionaire.” There are a lot of cruel people in this world, and I would hate for something bad to happen to her because she got a stroke of luck.

What’s the Media Saying?

Many people are understanding as to why this woman wishes to remain anonymous:

Even the worker who sold her the ticket is rooting for her victory in this lawsuit:

And the internet wouldn’t be the internet without cracking jokes:

Should the Powerball winner be allowed to remain anonymous to protect her safety? If you won the lottery, would you want your identity to remain private? What would you do with half-a-billion dollars? Let us know in the comments below!