5 Things Seniors Should Do To Prepare For A Post-College Career

5 Things Seniors Should Do To Prepare For A Post-College Career

The thing that probably scares you most about post-college life is job security. Making that transition from college to the “real world” can be stressful and uncomfortable, so prepare as much as possible by reading these six tips.

1. Job search early

Create a game plan for your career, such as: what jobs you’ll apply for, what locations you’re open to, and how you’ll handle finances right out of school. Start the job search as early as possible to eliminate stress, show initiative, and find that security.

2. Network

Tap into old networks by getting back in contact with past coworkers, bosses, and mentors who are in your hopeful career field. Make it a priority to attend as many networking events as possible and utilize LinkedIn.

3. Update your social media

Make sure to update and clean up your social media profiles to be ready for future employers’ eyes. Professional, crisp photos are always a great idea. Additionally, update your work history and delete any unnecessary information or posts. Pay special attention to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure this is as updated and appealing as possible — this site will be your best friend during a job search, and a necessary tool for expanding your network.

4. Edit your resume

It’s time to edit your resume for job applications. Make sure to have a visually appealing design, and that all of your information is updated and precise. Read this Forbes article for resume tips from a top recruiter. If you need help designing a resume, there are multiple websites that can help you create a classic yet creative design.

5. Update your wardrobe

Take the time to transition from a casual college wardrobe to a professional, classic wardrobe. Pick up some basics that you’ll be able to utilize in your field to be prepared to jump into your first post-college job.

6. Create good habits

Start creating habits that will be useful in your career, such as waking up earlier, creating a routine, and practicing skills that will be beneficial at your job. This will make the transition from college to career much more smooth and efficient.

What are you doing to prepare for your post-college career? Let us know in the comments below!

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