How To Prepare For Student Action Summit 2017

How To Prepare For Student Action Summit 2017

We are just three weeks away from the 2017 Student Action Summit. This is the third annual gathering of Turning Point USA activists in West Palm Beach. Big names like Tomi Lahren, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, Ben Shapiro, and Donald Trump, Jr. will be speaking at the event. There are several things that everyone attending this event will need to know to last through the four day conference.


Traveling to and from the conference


Most people will be flying into West Palm Beach while some will opt to drive. If you are flying into West Palm Beach you will have to make tough decisions on what to bring. Before leaving for the airport make sure all of your luggage fits into TSA regulations. This includes putting your shampoo and soap in these refillable containers. Make sure your clothes are properly folded in case TSA agents need to look inside your suitcase. Make sure you arrive with enough time to get settled in and ready for the opening session for Student Action Summit.


Here's what you need to know for SAS

What should you bring?


Students should bring business casual clothes to wear during the conference sessions. They should also bring casual clothes to wear when they are not in the conference sessions. These can include jeans or shorts, polos or t-shirts, and swimwear for the beach or pool at the hotel. Attendees should also bring money to spend somewhere like City Place or other restaurants in West Palm Beach. Turning Point USA will also be selling t-shirts and some other groups will be selling clothing as well at Student Action Summit.


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Meeting speakers


Something else attendees should be aware of is that sometimes speakers will stick around during the evening after they speak. Last year, some attendees met Tomi Lahren before the conference began and some met her following the evening session on opening night. Several attendees also met former Congressman Joe Walsh the first night and throughout the second day of the conference.


Here's what you need to know for SAS
Charlie Kirk and Tomi Lahren onstage at YWLS 2017 | PC: TPUSA


After the speaker’s list is finalized attendees will have a better idea of what to bring. The best recommendation is to bring a book that one of the speakers wrote or something from their clothing line. Greg Gutfeld has written four books and these would be great items to bring if you want him to sign something. Tomi Lahren has also released some clothing items like shirts and hats which would be great to have signed.


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The main things attendees will take from this conference are a renewed energy for activism and memories with new friends from across the country. Attendees will likely want to become much more involved with Turning Point USA. Applications for YWLS 2018 will be opened up at the Student Action Summit. Other Turning Point USA events to look forward to are regional conferences and an opportunity to go to CPAC in 2018.

We look forward to seeing you in Florida in a few short weeks!

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