President Trump has a history of promoting Turning Point USA – this is just another example of his support for TPUSA’s movement and what the organization stands for.

The TPUSA twitter page released yet another speaker announcement for the upcoming Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas. President Trump retweeted the promotion, causing most of his 60 million followers to see it. 

Who did TPUSA announce that the President re-tweeted it? Lisa Boothe. 

Lisa Marie Boothe is an American conservative journalist working as a contributor for Fox News. She is a frequent co-host on Outnumbered, an occasional panelist on Special Report, and a guest on The Story.

This will be Boothe’s first time making an appearance at a Turning Point USA event.

The Young Women’s Leadership Summit is one of, if not the largest, conservative conferences in the United States designed to bring women together from all locations and backgrounds.

But if that’s not a good enough reason to go, hear it from the student organization Future Female Leaders! They list the top 5 reasons to attend YWLS:

1. The speakers. 

“Who wouldn’t want to attend a conference when you have influential and iconic speakers such as Kellyanne Conway, Laura Ingraham, Kimberly Corban, and many more? YWLS has a wide range of speakers throughout the conference discussing a variety of different topics and conversations.  You not only will you see them speak on stage, but you might just happen to run into them just walking in the hotel.”

2. The like-mindedness. 

“It’s not everyday that you have the opportunity to attend a conference with 750-1000 like-minded women.  You will be able to leave your liberal campus, city, or community behind for a few days and connect with women from across the country.”

3. The networking/training.

“Not only will there be amazing speakers that will speak out on behalf of the conservative movement, but there will also be panels and discussions that will also provide you with beneficial insight for your conservative activism when it comes to social media, debate, career tips and so much more.” It is always encouraged to bring a notebook to jot down some interesting tips or things you may want to remember.

4. The location.

“Dallas, Texas is the ninth largest city in the United States of America. There is more than plenty to do while you’re staying there. After the conference ends during the day, you will have free time to go out and see the city and all of what Dallas has to offer.”

5. The sponsoring organizations.

 “Some of the other sponsors include the National Rifle Association, the Leadership Institute, and Prager University. These sponsors will be holding many exciting events during the conference you don’t want to miss.”

Better yet, the event only costs $30 to attend for three days and includes your stay. 

I come from a strong woman who believed – and my father believed – that anything a man could do, a woman could do better.” –Kimberly Guilfoyle, 2019 YWLS Speaker

It is not too late to apply! The President of the United States wants you there!


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