Presidential Wiretapping: The Real Issue

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On Saturday, March 4th, President Donald Trump tweeted accusations that Barack Obama had wiretapped his phone before the election. Former employees from the Obama Administration denied the claims, saying they were baseless. The legitimacy of these claims is questionable, but it begs a larger question: If Trump is really outraged by this, why has he not disbanded the NSA?

Privacy Rights

The fact that people believe the Executive Branch of the United States Government is capable of and willing to do this is very telling. Not telling of the people, but the government. Some feel outraged that Obama might have violated President Trump’s

Then President-Elect Donald Trump meets with President Barack Obama, Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

privacy like that, but do they not value their own privacy to the same degree? I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who showed the same level of discontent for this as they did during the Edward Snowden National Security Agency (NSA) scandals a few years ago.


The Snowden whistle blow revealed to the world the reach of our government’s spying programs. Every American’s privacy was being utterly violated, and their Fourth Amendment rights never seemed weaker. Unfortunately, the public outrage soon dissipated. People just did not seem to care much about this serious breach of trust. What’s odd is that some of those same people will defend President Trump’s privacy more vehemently than their own.

President Trump appears very upset about what he alleged. I would hope he feels the same on behalf of those who elected him. It’s time for the American people to defend their rights and encourage their elected officials to push to restore the Constitution and this nation’s founding principles. These allegations will hopefully bring the problematic size and scope of the government back into perspective, and reignite the great privacy debate of our generation.

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