Professor Receives Federal Funding to Study Racial Microaggressions

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University of Georgia professor, Professor Mary Atwater, recently received $230,000 in federal funding to study racial microagressions in science. Professor Atwater plans to use the funds to understand why hispanic and black students do not succeed in the sciences and what policies can be put in place to deter such microagressions.

According to the student newspaper, minority students frequently face microagressions while taking science or STEM courses. The microagressions come from other students, faculty and the administration. Professor Atwater will examine people of European-American descent to understand why they place microagressions on minority students in science courses. Research will include questionaries, implicit attitude tests, interviews, data, and archival documents.

“This grant can have an impact on the number of African-American and Latino/a faculty members we have in science education,” said Atwater.

Professor Atwater believes that her research will address and minimize microagressions in the science. Understanding why white students and faculty exhibit microagressions will determine what policies should be in place to deter or punish such behavior. The result will be more minorities taking science courses and pursuing careers in the science or STEM fields.

It is not reported what microagressions are being placed on minority students that are holding them back from succeeding or taking these courses. It is also not reported as to how many students or faculty this problem effects. Professor Atwater believes that the study will be a transformative study for the education realm.

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(H/t University of Georgia)

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