Professors Send Open Letter to Students After Trump Win

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Last Friday, December 2, professors at University of Evansville, a small Methodist school in southern Indiana sent out an e-mail to all college students at the university, but especially those”experiencing discrimination, marginalization, threats, oppression, terror, hopelessness, or loneliness.”

Without naming Trump, it implies that one campaign “has attempted to legitimize the intimidation and discrimination against immigrants, Muslims, people of color, LGBTQI+ people, those with disabilities, and others.  We stand in solidarity and in firm opposition of the legitimization of racism, intolerance, and bigotry.”

The professors, while open to free speech, want to be sure that someone’s freedoms don’t ‘hurt’ someone else, writing, “We will promote open, civil discourse as we gain that understanding. However, in all matters, freedoms should be taken up with respect to the collective good and support of all other people’s freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (emphasis mine).

However, the faculty couldn’t even take the time to write their open letter, as they adapted it from an open letter from staff at Kenyon College.

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