Protest Planned at River Ridge High School to Fire Teacher Who Objected Trump Shirts

Protest Planned at River Ridge High School to Fire Teacher Who Objected Trump Shirts

A protest has been scheduled at the same high school where Lyn Orletsky told two students to leave class for their “Make America Great Again” shirts.

Republican candidate for the Governor of Georgia, Michael Williams, is staging a demonstration at River Ridge High School, who’s reputation has been tarnished after recent scandal involving a teacher forcing her political opinions onto students. The protestors and Michael Williams himself will be demanding the permanent dismissal of the teacher who has been making national headlines for prohibiting students from wearing Trump shirts in her class.  “Principal Darrell Herring [of River Ridge High School] is supporting the suppression of free speech by refusing to publicly address and fire this out of control teacher,” Williams said. “He has placed political correctness above his students.”

Lyn Orletsky, originally thought to be fired from her position, has been on paid-leave after the August 31st incident where she told two students wearing “Make America Great Again” that the slogan was a neo-Nazi slogan and that they would need to leave class. “They are trying to let this blow over with her getting paid to sit home and then bring her back to another class,” Seth Weathers, William’s spokesperson, told The AJC. “When asked if they are considering any disciplinary action, they again refused to comment.”

Orletsky insists that her actions were not political but were in spite of the events that happened two weeks earlier in Charlottesville, Virginia. Some white-nationalist protestors had allegedly used “Make America Great Again” as their rallying cry during the incident where one died and many were injured after violence broke out. She has been participating in interviews while on paid-leave. Turning Point News originally reported that Orletsky had been terminated after receiving an anonymous tip from within the school. However, the sources provided did not say that she had been fired as previously believed. The letter sent home has been pasted below:

lyn orletsky fired

The protest is scheduled to take place outside of River Ridge High School on the noon of September 27th, after their fall break. The school is located at 400 Arnold Mill Road in Woodstock.

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