Professors Protest TPUSA Tabling Event, Forced to Request Police

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“F*ck Charlie Kirk and TPUSA.”

Professors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) protested a tabling event put on by the campus Turning Point USA chapter. Things got so intense that it caused a chapter member to get campus police involved.

Kaitlyn Mullen, a campus coordinator and member of the UNL chapter of Turning Point USA was just standing alone at a recruitment table minding her own business. Soon, a small group of protesters came marching in with signs likening TPUSA–an organization that prides itself on supporting free markets and limited government–as a neo-fascist organization.

Luckily, Mullen caught glimpses of the protest on camera.

What Happened?

“A woman walked past me and screamed ‘fascist’ and I didn’t think anything of it,” Mullen told Turning Point News. “And about 20 minutes later another woman came up and started screaming a little bit.”

Mullen explained that the protestors were screaming in rage about TPUSA’s proprietary “Professor WatchList” while also calling the organization’s founder, Charlie Kirk, a slew of derogatory terms, including “neo-fascist.” But, Mullen said that there were only 4 to 5 protesters that she recalls.

Regardless, the incident only got worst.

Unexpectedly, Mullen found herself being the target of the very professors she thought taught students to think critically and engage in debate. She was also surprised that the academic elite of the university sought out to intentionally bully her and bring her to tears.

“I didn’t want to pack up because I didn’t want them to win, so I kept on tabling,” Mullen recollected. “People would come up and they would say to them ‘oh, you are joining this neo-Nazi and stuff?’ So, it got to the point that they were right in my face so I started crying.” A bystander came to her aid and asked the protesting professors to stop bullying her.

Mullen, having enough, reached her limits and packed up her recruitment materials and left. As she was walking away, the campus police department met up with her, got her information, and even escorted her back to her apartment. Reportedly, the police were called for the professors being too loud.

The Professors

After Turning Point News observed the video of the incident provided to us by Mullen, we were able to identify two of the professors.

Courtesy: UNL Department of English.

Amanda Gailey

The name of the first professor who protested the TPUSA recruitment event is named Amanda Gailey, an associate professor in the UNL Department of English. Gailey has made headlines before through her advocacy for gun control. The Blaze reports that in January of 2016, Gailey went on a social media rant using statements like “Fuck Police Officers” or “Fuck the NRA” and, one week after, was invited to meet President Barack Obama.

Photo Credit: Hannah DePreist/Daily Nebraskan.

Courtney Lawton

The other protester is graduate teaching assistant Courtney Lawton, of whom is a member of the English Department also. Lawton is the was photographed by Mullen flipping the camera off, as the above cover photo clearly presents.

We were unable to identify other members of the protest group.

***Updated 8:57PM 8/25/17***

Turning Point USA has released a statement following the event:

The harassment of conservative students by university faculty that occurred today at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is sickening” said Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk. “Everyday I hear stories about professors who attack and target conservatives and unfortunately this is yet another example of the radicalization of America’s higher education system”

This story is still developing so please stay tuned for periodic updates.


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  1. Liberal professors that try to shut down free speech should be fired. This was at the University of Nebraska, not Berkley or some other uber liberal place.

  2. I’m embarrassed for these women who are supposed to be teaching our children. Nebraska is one state that I thought had it’s head screwed on right! The Heartland and here we have teachers??? who do ugly things to them. I have grandchildren at this college and it makes me sick to have them see this kind of action! Are these teachers imports? Where did they come from? Ship them to California where they will be welcomed!!! Our values are being undermined by these uneducated people!

  3. This is an extremely biased article and Ms. Mullen has misrepresented the facts of her interaction with both Prof. Gailey and the police. Mullen had no right to table in this area – a permit is required from ASUN and the permit is only issued to sanctioned student groups on the campus. TPUSAis not a recognized student group but a right wing org that seeks to destroy public education by attacking all professors who have viewpoints more liberal than theirs. It is a shame article by a shady organization of smallminded people. Don’t fall for their bullshit.
    Go Big Red!

    • Mo Neal – Real professors discuss all factions and do not push for one side or another. Students need to debate, research and think. None of those things happen when you are told what to think instead of how to think. Universities have a responsibility to get back to education and stop the indoctrination.

  4. So let me get this straight, you are ok with UNL professors treating students in this manner — specifically, cussing at them verbally and with hand signals. There is an acceptable manner of discourse and disagreement. The way these professors chose to behave was not acceptable.

  5. This woman is not qualified to teach. She’s a hate monger who relates hate. There is no room in our universities for people like this. Get her out and replace her with someone who holds the teaching profession in high esteem.


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