Louisiana State University hosted Turning Point USA on April 3 for Campus Clash. Charlie Kirk, TPUSA’s founder and president, Candace Owens, TPUSA’s director of communications, Kyle Kashuv, TPUSA’s director of high school outreach, and Dave Rubin, host of the Rubin Report, were all speaking.

Kirk and Owens were in the middle of speaking on Wednesday night when a protester jumped on stage and disrupted the event.

According to Breitbart, the protester stood on the opposite side of the stage from Kirk and Owens. The protester began raising her arms and shouting until she was escorted off the stage by campus police officers.

Owens said multiple times in front of the audience while the protestor was on stage that she would like to have a conversation with the protestor.

“You are a racist,” the protester shouted back several times.

Moments after this protester was escorted off of the stage, another one emerged.

Students say that the second protester is a member of the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) group on LSU’s campus. “Death to white nationalism,” could be heard chanting from this protester.

The Mississippi TPUSA chapter president, Evan Sanders, captured a video of this incident from the audience. He later told Breitbart News that Kirk “had been speaking about American exceptionalism moments before the protester jumped onto the stage.”

“Shortly after this, the woman approached the stage, got on and said, ‘Are you f**king kidding me? Organizing Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk on this campus, saying that racism does not exist?’ Which is not something that Charlie or Candace said,” stated Sanders.

“Candace then offered the woman an opportunity to have a discussion, but she continued to be combative,” continued Sanders, “Then, the protester went on to talk about how black and brown people aren’t able to live a life with white people.”

Campus police had to escort the second protester off of the stage as well. She was heard shouting “I do not consent to being touched” while the officers were removing her from the scene.

“You’re a f**king racist,” added the second protester.

The SJP group that the protesters were a part of released a statement via Facebook later that day.

“BDS” is in reference to the anti-Israel campaign, also known as the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” campaign.

“This event provided an UNSAFE environment for the people of color and other marginalized groups on campus,” stated the SJP group. They proceeded to relate the New Zealand terror attack with Turning Point USA, despite the shooter’s manifesto making it clear that his only goal was to cause political divide.

“If your speech endangers a people, you should not be provided a platform to share it,” added SJP. “ESPECIALLY at a public university.”

“I have no issue with civil discourse or a people disagreeing,” said Sanders to Breitbart News. “I think it’s healthy to create an environment where people are allowed to have a discussion, ask questions, and become more educated about their stances.”

“Candace and Charlie offered to have a discussion with the protester, but she continued to be disruptive, ignoring directives of the police officers,” continued Sanders. “What blew my mind even further is when I saw a Facebook post from the SJP group at LSU saying, ‘If your speech endangers people, you shouldn’t be provided a platform to share it.’”

“The amount of misinformation these students are taught about the importance of the First Amendment is dangerous,” said Sanders.

The TPUSA chapter president at LSU, Cassidy Riley, told Breitbart News that a main goal of her chapter is to participate in civil discourse on campus.

“We welcome people from all political beliefs,” said Riley to Breitbart News, “I am disappointed that the actions and words of these protesters only sought to silence the ideas of their fellow students. Their disruptive behavior and profanity only proved their own intolerance and the intolerance of the left.”

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