Turning Point USA held its first Campus Clash event of this year at Utah Valley University on March 4.  As reported by the school newspaper, this event drew the attention of not only a large conservative crowd but also a mass of protesters.

“Supporters of Kirk and Owens filled the Grand Ballroom in the Sorensen Center.  The event was free but attendees could pay for VIP status and were able to meet the speakers before the event.  People from all over the state attended Campus Clash, including local community members, high school students, BYU and UVU students…”

Students across campus were enthralled, stated the UVU Review.  A psychology major at the university said, “this is very, very exciting… We were actually selected from a pot of 200 schools.”

Other students joined the event simply out of curiosity:

“Scott, a junior exercise science major who declined to give his last name, attended to see ‘how these functions work, [and] how people react to them.’ He also said he isn’t politically entrenched, but does align with some of the values the event was promoting.”

Protesters stood on the upper level of the building, draping banners off the side of the balcony.  These banners featured support for UVU’s Democratic Socialism and Agnostic clubs, saying phrases such as ‘End White Supremacy,’ or ‘Hate Kills.’

These signs were accompanied with students who disbelieve in the message presented by Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens – the keynote speakers at the Campus Clash events.

The newspaper reports:

“One such student, Kwaku El, a BYU communications major and member of the BYU Democrats leadership, said ‘I believe you’ve got to listen to those who you may disagree with to see what they’re like as human beings and their overall goal.’”

At close of the event, attendees of TPUSA’s event were met with activists from the Queer Student Alliance, the Black Student Union, and the Young Democratic Socialists of America clubs.  “There were no altercations between the protesters and event attendees,” said the UVU Review.

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