Purdue Hands Out “Privilege Scorecards” to Students

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Students at Purdue University walked away from class with a little more than they were expecting when a scorecard was handed out to help students ‘determine their privilege.’

The scorecard is appropriately titled “How Privileged Are You?” and assigns different numerical values to certain personal attributes. The scorecard covers everything you might expect such as Race and Sex, but it also covers some stranger categories such as Size and Attractiveness.

The scorecard is obviously quite biased as a straight (cis) gendered person gets +20 points while a Trans person receives -500 points. And you can receive +10 points if you’re bisexual, but you lose 150 points if you’re Gay.

Another interesting category is the Profession section, where they break down the ‘good’ jobs as Investment Banker, Engineer, Doctor (of any variety), and then just Technology of any sort apparently. But if you’re a Teacher, Fireman/Policeman, or a Scientist you lose points. And literally any other profession has zero impact on your score.

The scorecard is all over the place with seemingly random point awards or deductions. Some favorites were:

-Subtract 15 points if you’re taking the quiz on a Friday or Saturday night

-If you’re a 9 or better out of 10 on the attractive scale add 20 points. Another 10 if you have an attractive face.

-When you’re finished with all the categories add up all your totals. If you can’t add, subtract 30.

If you receive a zero or better, you’re privileged. If you’re above 100 they advise you to “check it daily.” And if you receive below a -100 you are Very Disprivileged.

What do you think of Purdue’s new “Privilege Scorecard?” Where did you end up on the scale? Let us know below!

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