Purdue University Writing Guide Becomes Gender-Neutral

Purdue University Writing Guide Becomes Gender-Neutral

After some examination and criticism, Purdue University’s official writing guide is going through some gender-neutral changes.


There have been allegations made about Purdue’s writing guide that seem to be too sexist for some, such as using the word “man”. Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) has recommended that when writing, students should try to find alternative words or expressions to use instead of “man-made” or “mailman”. This is due to the fact hat they are deemed as being too sexist.


Fortunately, the guide has not gone through massive changes yet with their alternative phrases, surely they are having a difficult time trying to make adjustments.


According to Campus Reform, the campus writing guide includes a note that states:


“Always consult your professional or disciplinary community standards or imagine what is appropriate to your rhetorical audience or genre. Writing without gender-biased language is necessary for most audiences. We merely share what our professional associations advocate, among them the National Council of Teachers of English and its Conference on College Composition and Communication. We invite you to explore or ask your own professional or disciplinary organizations for guidance.”


Writing in college can be a difficult enough task as it is with spell checking, proper punctuation and grammar, citing, etc. Not to mention having it completed and submitted in a timely manner. Now students have to make sure that their writing doesn’t offend people by the use of pronouns or gender specific words.


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