Ranking The Seasons of House of Cards

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While House of Cards Season 5 does not have an official release date, given the history of the show, we should expect the new season sometime early in 2017.

To prepare for the new season, I have gone back and watched the previous seasons, so here are my rankings of the current House of Cards seasons from worst to best.

Spoilers Ahead!

The Worst: Season 3

While Season 3 had some bright spots such as the introduction of Russian President Viktor Petrov who is totally NOT at all based on Vladimir Putin, but this is definitely the weakest season so far.

Frank Underwood having achieved his goal of becoming the President was not as engaging as when we was scheming his way to the top spot.  Season 3’s storyline with Doug and his recovery was also not as interesting because Doug is at his best when he is carrying out plans on Underwood’s behalf.


Additionally watching the relationship between Frank and Claire deteriorate over the course of the season was difficult to watch.  In this Season Frank also greatly reduced the amount of times he gave monologues to the camera and those are often the most quotable portions of the show.

The Good: Season 4

The latest season was good.  Watching Claire and Frank battle with each other, but eventually reaching a reconciliation was entertaining.  While we lost beloved Edward Meechum, the assassination attempt and the antics at the Democratic Convention were very exciting.


Doug is back in action and Frank has a clear goal of being elected in mind.  Season three included interesting tie ins to the real world like the rise of ICO (totally not ISIS) and political involvement from search engine Polyhop (totally not Google).  While season four was good, it was not the season that made us all fall in love with the show and like season three it also lacked those classic Frank monologues.

The Great: Season 1

Season one, where we all fell in loved with the scandal and drama surrounding South Carolina Democratic Whip Frank Underwood.  This season was great, from the opening scene with the dog that told us this wasn’t going to be a nice West Wing style political drama to the murder of Peter Russo which demonstrated just how far Frank was willing to go to achieve power.


The relationship between Frank and Claire was interesting to say the least, and Frank’s relationship with Zoe Barnes showed the incestuous nature of Washington DC at times.  This season got us hooked and provided us with some of the most quotable moments.

The Best: Season 2

Hands down the best House of Cards season was season two.  Frank Underwood has become the Vice President of the United States and is within striking distance of his goal, a time when he is the most dangerous.  While I did not think Raymond Tusk was the greatest antagonist in the world, watching Frank get things done, like passing entitlement reform was great to see.


The Season premiere shocked everyone by killing off Zoe Barnes just as her story line was getting the most interesting.  The typewriter scene in the last episode of the season was one of the absolute best scenes on television.  Having the most exciting season finale where Frank finally ascends to the Presidency, season 2 is without a doubt the best the show has to offer.

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