Remember When They Called Mitt Romney Racist?

Remember When They Called Mitt Romney Racist?

My Freshman (we’re still allowed to say Freshman right?) year of college I remember going out and tabling on campus for the first time in my life.  It was 2010 and we were tabling for some of the Republican candidates running in the November elections.  After an hour or so of chatting with folks on campus I had a young woman approach my table.  I said hello to the woman and she proceeded to tell me about how racist all of my candidates were and about how I was “f&[email protected] up” for supporting them.  The woman continued to yell at me as she moved across the quad and my journey into conservative politics had begun.

Two years later when Mitt Romney, who is by all accounts a decent man, ran for President the political left and the media launched a campaign to paint him as the most evil man of all time. Romney appealed to racists, Paul Ryan sounded like the KKK, Romney hated dogs and wanted to put women in binders, and was such an evil business man that he closed a plant so a woman would get cancer and die.

Is this type of rhetoric starting to sound familiar?

For years the political left’s arguments have been less and less about policy and ideas and more and more about calling Republicans names.

Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! Islamaphobe!

Almost everyone who has ever associated themselves with conservative politics has heard it before, so why would anyone blink an eye when the left of the media calls Trump a racist or a sexist?  They have been calling all of us those things for years.  It doesn’t matter if you are a conservative woman or a black or Hispanic Republican, in those cases you’ve just “internalized oppression” or are “self hating”.  God forbid we treat people like individuals who can develop their own opinions.

Now during his campaign I think Donald Trump winked at some very ugly parts of the conservative movement that I was not comfortable with, but it is so hard to take the media’s hysteria over such issues seriously because of their habit of hurling names at just about any Republican who starts getting traction.

Just like I have become inoculated to charges of racism or sexism I think the public has likewise become inoculated to such accusations because the exact same insults were thrown at entirely decent men like Mitt Romney and John McCain because the political left thought they could get votes by dividing us along those lines.


Well unfortunately for the left, that dog just don’t hunt anymore.