Rhodes Scholars Accuse Program of Leftist Bias

Rhodes Scholars Accuse Program of Leftist Bias

Nearly two dozen recipients of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship have formed a group to challenge what they believe is a strong leftist bias from the Scholarship Board concerning who gets chosen for the award.

Rhodes Shutting Down Opposition

Rhodes house at Oxford
The Rhodes House at Oxford (PC: Kaihsu/Wikipedia)

The group, calling themselves the Rhodes Scholars for Intellectual Diversity, were formed last year to challenge the selection process of the Rhodes Trust, which issues the scholarships each year in the name of their founder, British mining magnate and politician Cecil John Rhodes.

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Dan Lubrich, the spokesman for the group, believes that he has been unjustly shut out from Rhodes Scholars discussion forums because of his political views, and thinks that this is symptomatic of a much larger problem within academia. “Expressing certain views on the Rhodes Forum or Email list typically provokes some members of our community to levy personal insults such as ‘racist’, ‘rapist’, ‘bigot’, ‘fascist’, etc, usually in a many vs one scenario aimed at shutting down opposing views,” Lubrich wrote in an open letter earlier this year.

“Continuing a long process of politicization and left-shift of the Trust and scholar selections, the past year has shown that this dynamic has entered its next logical stage:  outright censorship and exclusion of contrarian views and those expressing them,” the spokesman went on to state in a second letter penned just last week.

“You Have to Hide Your True Views”

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“Better qualified candidates with centrist or right of center views, or even just mainstream liberals, have a worse chance of being selected than far out leftists with quite extreme political views,” Lubrich said during an interview on Fox News. He also brought up the fact that, of the politics holding office in the United States who had received the Rhodes Scholarship in the past, there are ten Democrats but only a single Republican.

“It is common knowledge that Rhodes pretty much does not select conservatives so if you want to try to get in, you have to hide your true views,” he told The College Fix in another interview.

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Representatives for the scholarship have since told the media that reports of bias are “simply not true,” and asserts that there is no bias behind its selection processes.

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