Ronda Rousey is Returning, So Let’s Talk About a REAL Female Role Model

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Ronda Rousey. Ronda Freaking Rousey. Now there is a Woman Crush Wednesday – no matter what your gender or sexual orientation is. You’re not sure if you’re attracted to her because she’s gorgeous, or just out of fear. Either way, Ronda Rousey is incredible and, dare I say, the most important and inspirational female role model in the 21st century.

I stand behind that statement 100 percent… mostly because I need some kind of shield if Rousey ever decides to punch me in the face.

Why “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, you ask? Well, strictly from a talent perspective, there’s not many women in the UFC that have numbers like Ronda (12-1). Not even the defending champion, Amanda Nunes (10-4) – who Rousey is facing in her come back on December 30th – has those kind of numbers. She’s good at what she does and she gets it done. Let’s check out these stats for a minute here.

Of Rousey’s 12 W’s, 11 of those have been done in the first round alone. ELEVEN.

Image result for eleven gif

And, let’s just talk about her fight against Cat Zingano, which ended in fourteen seconds. FOURTEEN. And an arm bar. She’s a beautiful, talented human being that will take you down faster than you can say “Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass.”

But of course, the mighty will fall. And fall she did, to “the Preacher’s Daughter” Holly Holm in UFC 193 over a year ago. Going up against a kick boxer, you would think Rousey would look out for that signature spinning kick to the face, but alas, she did not. So went Ronda’s undefeated status, and her title as Bantamweight champion. The world cried. I cried.

But, all was not lost. We all love a good comeback story, especially ones that ends with the hero winning. So, sorry, Tim Kennedy, that disqualifies you.

Back in October, UFC President Dana White announced that Ronda would be returning to the octagon once again, to fight Amanda Nunes, who currently holds the bantamweight title. Check out the coolest fight promo of all time for it here.

We’re all looking forward to it, I personally am hoping Ronda comes back with a vengeance and gives me another minute or under KO.

Recently, I wrote an article for Hypeline titled “Stop Trying to Be ‘The First Female’ – Just Be The Best.” In that piece, I called out the stupidity of praising women simply for being “the first woman” in whatever area they are in. You can go back and read all that for yourself, but here is where I’ll prove to you that it’s not an anti-women sentiment. It’s a pro-women one.

For starters, Ronda Rousey does not fall into the same category as Danica Patrick. Why? Because where Danica Patrick is just one of the only women in a man’s sport, Ronda is the greatest at what she does. We’ve seen Rousey fight the best in the world and defeat them time and again because she works hard at what she does. I believe that the reason Holm beat her in 193 was because she over extended herself and started doing too much. She’s got the work ethic of a single father raising 10 kids in the 1930’s — she’s going to do anything and everything she can to succeed and be the best.

Going back to the original claim I made at the beginning of this article – Yes, I do believe Ronda is the greatest female role model in the 21st century. Better than Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, and Amy Schumer combined.

Rousey does not depend on her sexuality to get her anywhere, she puts her everything into work to be the best in her area. She does not lean on the fact that she holds records for women in the UFC just because she’s a woman, she succeeded because she put the work in.

She has a quote that I think sums her mindset up perfectly, “You’re not training to be the best in the world. You’re training to be the best in the world on your worst day.”

That’s the kind of inspiring stuff that little girls should be looking up to. A woman who sets goals for herself and meets them. She doesn’t let anything stop her because she’s a girl, but at the same time, she doesn’t lean on her own gender to succeed.

I would make the same argument for Hope Solo, who, while she’s an incredible goalie, should probably just go into the UFC instead to save her a few trips to jail.

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