Rubio Voices Support for Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

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Marco Rubio issued the following statement earlier today in reference to Donald Trump’s nomination of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama for attorney general.

“Serving with Jeff Sessions over the past six years, I’ve seen him work relentlessly to uphold the rule of law against the abuses of the Obama Administration, particularly at the Department of Justice. Jeff is a formidable lawyer with an intense passion for defending the Constitution – two of the many qualities that will serve him well as attorney general of the United States.

“Jeff understands the threats our nation faces, including radical Islamic terrorists within our borders and illicit drugs destroying our communities. I am confident he will make protecting our neighborhoods a top priority.

“For these reasons, I will support his nomination.” Rubio stated.

Rubio didn’t ask Jeff Sessions any questions but did go ahead and issue his support for Senator Sessions earlier on today. The biggest focus on Rubio will be for his view on Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson.

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