Rutgers Students Harass Black Speaker On Campus

Rutgers Students Harass Black Speaker On Campus

A student at Rutgers University proclaimed he doesn’t “need facts” while his peers heckled a black speaker at a panel on identity politics on campus.

Protestors interrupted speakers

Spiked’s “Unsafe Spaces” tour came to Rutgers University last week and featured speakers who discussed whether “student activists” were “re-racializing campus life.”

The nation-wide tour was sparked as a response to an “unholy alliance between a self-raised army of student offense-takers” and “busybody bureaucrats” trying to “ban” speakers they don’t agree with or “snuff out an inconvenient thought as soon as someone cries ‘bigot.'”

One panel featured the libertarian media producer, Kmele Foster, the liberal activist and founder of Ex-Muslims of North America, Sarah Haide, a humanities professor at Columbia University named Mark Lillia, and a student activist named Bryan Stascavage. The event was disrupted by a protester who shouted out: “We’re gonna stop this little rhetoric.”

rutgers students walking around campus
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Free speech is also about hearing others

The host Tom Slater reminded the student, who asked if they “loved free speech,” that free speech was also about “allowing everyone to speak, not just yourself.”

The protesting student then asked the event host how he deracialized himself as a black man. The crowd began chanting out “Black Lives Matter!”

A woman from the audience yelled out that they did not need “statistics” and claimed that the “system” controlled the facts saying, “it’s the system. It’s the institution.”

“Don’t tell me about facts. I don’t need no facts.”

Campus Reform spoke with a student named Giana Castelli that was at the event who claimed that the protestors continued to shout out and disrupt the event periodically until it was over.

Protestors even swarmed Foster at the end of the event and police had to escort him out of the building.

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