School Board Votes to Drop ‘Lynch’ from School Names

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The Centennial School Board in Oregon voted on Wednesday to drop ‘Lynch’ from the name of two schools because they believe that the family name will remind some people of the verb ‘lynch.’

A similar situation arose in 2015 after students at Lebanon Valley College demanded that the school change the name of Lynch Memorial Hall. The hall was named after Clyde A. Lynch, who was the president of the college during the Great Depression, and who had also helped refugees settle in America after World War II.

Students eventually agreed that adding “Clyde A.” in front of “Lynch” would act as a giant pacifier to get them to quiet down and go back to focusing on their schoolwork.

Two years later, the same concern seems to have spread, making its way to Oregon, and the Centennial School Board has voted. Lynch Meadows Elementary School and Lynch Wood Elementary School will now drop the family name Lynch and be called Meadows Elementary School and Wood Elementary, according to a report by Fox News.

One would think that the School Board (being in the field of education and all) would instead seek to educate the community on the history of the Lynch family. After all, this hysteria did stem from thinking about history, but the facts and context is what truly matters, and an educational system (of all entities) should know this.

The truth is that Lynch Meadows Elementary School and Lynch Wood Elementary School were named after the Lynch family because they donated the land on which it was built. If the Lynch family had decided to keep the land for themselves, the schools would never have existed on the property. Yet now, over a century later, the Centennial School Board has decided to reward the Lynch family by choosing to forget them.

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