Second Amendment Activist Antonia Okafor Speaking Event Canceled

Second Amendment Activist Antonia Okafor Speaking Event Canceled

Antonia Okafor, the firebrand Second Amendment and self-defense advocate and founder of a national women’s group promoting self-defense for female college students, was recently denied her right to speak at a private liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Hampshire College canceled the event, entitled “Women Empowerment and the Second Amendment,” citing concerns of controversy and that the needs for maintaining security and fostering an environment for debate would be apparently logistically impossible on “short notice.” The event’s cancellation occurred just two hours before it was supposed to start.

Lone Conservative, an independent conservative college news and commentary web publication founded by millennial pundit Kassy Dillion, picked up the scoop.

Reportedly, an official with the university sent an email alleging that the event was not scheduled in a timeframe that the school was unable to accommodate and that an application submitted by the sponsoring student organization was not sufficiently completed thus not meeting requirements.

Antonia Okafor
Screenshot of the email. PC: Lone Conservative.

Carolyn Koske Strycharz, Interim Director of Campus Leadership & Activities, said, “[An] event where someone is coming to campus to speak about the second amendment, which is a very controversial subject, would need to have extra considerations and precautions put into place which cannot be done on short notice,” via an email obtained by the Lone Conservative.

Okafor took to Twitter and voiced her frustration, announcing the occurrence of the incident:

Hampshire College officials, via a press release, apologized for canceling Okafor’s event but claim that nothing about the subject matter or the speaker’s personal beliefs or public profile were determining factors in the decision.

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“We sincerely apologize to Antonia Okafor for canceling her speech tonight that was to have been held on the Hampshire College campus,” the press release reads.

Here is Hampshire College’s entire statement:

We did not cancel the speech because of the speaker, the subject of the speech, or the content. Hampshire College values academic freedom and the careful examination of ideas, including when those ideas may be controversial. We canceled the event when we realized that the student application was not sufficiently complete. It lacked the necessary details we require in advance of any event, particularly one that might draw large audiences and intense debate, so we can allot the appropriate resources to staff and support the event. We will reach out to Antonia Okafor and to the student organizers with an offer to discuss this process and consider options for rescheduling her visit to campus.

Other personalities and followers on Twitter also voiced their concerns: 

This story is developing.

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