Siena College tries to nail conservative student for posting flyers

Siena College tries to nail conservative student for posting flyers

A conservative student at Siena College in New York could face expulsion for posting copies of a professor’s email to demonstrate the hostility that conservative students face on campus.


Zachary Butler, a junior studying political science, told Campus Reform that he is under investigation after posting 600 flyers on campus depicting an email exchange in which a Siena College professor called conservative students “miserable” to work with” and hoped for protestors to show up at a gathering of conservative speakers.


Butler received a “Notice of Charges” that accused him of actions that “adversely [affected] the health, welfare, and/or safety” of campus community members “or the name and/or reputation of the College,” and that he also violated the school’s posting policy. Butler wonders how posting flyers damages the “health, welfare, and/or safety” of his fellow students and professors.


If found guilty, he could face expulsion, withholding of his degree, probation, a fine, his parents being notified or a possibly a transcription notation. Despite the seriousness of the penalties, Butler hasn’t been notified that he can have legal representation. Instead of the burden of proof falling on his accusers, Butler will be required to present “exculpatory evidence” for a verdict rendered on the “preponderance of the evidence standard.” In other words, he’s guilty until proven innocent.


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