Simmons College Liberal Librarians Accuse Christians For Microaggressions

Simmons College Liberal Librarians Accuse Christians For Microaggressions

Simmons College Christian Students have been warned by their campus Librarians that their holiday cheers are actually microaggressions towards Muslims. The following cheering phrases are considered offensive: “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Easter”, and “God Bless You”


According to Campus Reform,


“The librarians caution against such expressions in a new guide on Anti-Islamomisia which argues that people who follow Christianity have institutionalized power, and therefore may inadvertently commit microaggressions against Muslims and other religious minorities.”


These common cheerful phrases seem to be fragile words for others. For instance, telling someone “God bless you” when they sneeze might make non-Christians angry or offended because it assumes they have the same perception or religious beliefs in God as the Christian does. Not only are the librarians stating the emotional state of Muslims during this type of interaction, but they also make claims about the Christian’s response to the offense.


Bare Naked Islam quotes the librarians that

“Christians suffer ‘Christian fragility’ and may become angry, hostile, or defensive during conversations about religion, speculating that this happens because Christians lack skills for constructive engagement with religious differences due to the fact that they are dominant religious group.”


According to these librarians guide, not only will all these Christian students retaliate with fury if someone of another religion is offended, but they also feel more privileged because they expecte time off for holidays, and that swearing an oath to the American flag is concerning faith.