Small Business Owner Confronts Bernie Sanders At Town Hall

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Earlier this week, CNN held a town hall with former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  The event hosted by Chris Cuomo focused on how the Democratic Party can become more appealing to voters and win more races in the era of Trump.

One of the most memorable moments for me was when as small business owner asked Senator Sanders about why current administration is so against business owners.

Take a look:

I was baffled at Sander’s ability to not even attempt to recognize that the government policies could have a negative effect on small businesses and entrepreneurs and not just those evil “millionaires and billionaires”.  The speed at which Sanders dismissed the concerns that this man presented to him reveal where his priorities are — and they are not with business owners.

Sure some, and I stress SOME, government regulations have a place, but government regulations can often come with a cost, and big businesses can often have an ADVANTAGE in complying with those regulation because of the scale, where small businesses and start ups can be disproportionately burdened by comparison.

As always, Sanders falls back to his typical talking points about “the 1%” instead of making an attempt to connect with this voter and find a solution to his problem.  Everything is framed as being about large multinational corporations, but, in reality, around half of the people employed in America are employed by small businesses.

So if you’re a small business owner or worker I think you have to ask yourself: does Bernie Sanders have your best interest at heart?

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