Turning Point USA hosted Dennis Prager, the founder of Prager University and host of his radio show “The Dennis Prager Show,” on Tuesday night, April 15.

Nearly 500 students were in the audience, basking in Prager’s political philosophy.

Audience at TPUSA’s UGA event with Dennis Prager

Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA), who represents Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, joined the attendees. Georgia House District 117 Rep. Houston Gaines (R-GA), among other Georgia legislators, were also in attendance.

Prager opened his speech on Tuesday by saying that socialism leads to selfishness because the populous becomes completely dependent on government.

“Socialism is Selfish.”

He said that many leftist in America refuse to do things “the American way,” or when individuals feel an obligation to help each other. Instead, socialists subject themselves to the monstrosity of government, allowing for the government to provide for its citizens.

Prager says this mentality represents a “broken moral compass.”

“Which is going to produce a more decent human being?” Prager asked rhetorically. “The person who believes I have moral obligations or the person who believes I have rights?”

Prager pondered a deeper question for the audience, explaining that he’s unsure if socialism creates bad people or if bad people implement socialism. In the same manner, he said he’s not confident in whether socialism degrades a populous’ gratitude or if ungracious people simply support socialism.

“socialism tugs at the worst behaviors of human nature and leads to a loss of morality.”

While on stage, Prager was critical of left-wing politics, saying that many on the left enjoy talking down about America. He said America “is the least racist country,” yet the left treats  the defamation of America as “an art form.”

Prager said anyone who states “I’m damn lucky to be an American” is likely right-winged, while anyone who states “America stinks” is likely left-headed.

Prager opened the floor to questions afterward.

Dill Shelton, a sophomore English education major, asked Prager about his hypocrisy regarding socialism and selfishness. According to the Red and Black student newspaper, TPUSA gave audience members copies of one of Ayn Rand’s books. She is a widely known anti-socialist; however, she believes that individuals must be selfish.

Prager resolved this confusion by saying that individuals should only be selfish to the extent that they do not solely think of themselves.

Another audience member inquired about Prager’s thoughts on the Georgia heartbeat abortion bill that passed the Georgia General Assembly in March.

“Abortion is the only thing from which the left wants the government to stay away from,” Prager said, “and the only freedom the left wants to give women.”

Prager also gave his thoughts on abortion and same-sex marriage after a UGA student referenced the LGBTQ flags in the Tate Student Center.

Prager said that he has close friends whom identify as gay, but he himself would not “celebrate” homosexuality. He says that the ideal marriage is between man and woman:

“I will not hurt society by denying that, that is the ideal.”

TPUSA’s Dennis Prager event was an utter success and an excitement for many UGA students. As of April 2019, PragerU has 3.2 million Facebook followers and 2.1 million YouTube subscribers.

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