Socialist Group at Iowa State Wants to “Exterminate Capitalists”

Socialist Group at Iowa State Wants to “Exterminate Capitalists”

Iowa State University’s Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) chapter is not new to threatening Republicans and conservatives, but this time it was taken a step further when the group called for the extermination of capitalists.

“The left has done a good job radicalizing juggalos, weebs, furries, but I will not rest until ‘hXc’ stands for hang+Xterminate capitalists,” stated the group in a since deleted tweet. In average contexts, “hXc” is a slang term that typically means “hardcore.”

Socialist group calls for extermination of capitalists

This latest development was no shock to Benjamin Whittington, a sophomore political science major who is the president of ISU’s Turning Point USA chapter. He told Turning Point News that many of the TPUSA members have felt “uneasy and threatened” by the socialist group.

“As the president of our TPUSA chapter I’ve been repeatedly harassed for my position and my views online and in person from time to time,” stated Whittington. “We held a debate with them last semester and their reaction was less than stellar.”

He also added that the group has called for capitalists to be hanged in the past.


Vice Chairman of the ISU College Republicans, Taylor Collins, also commented that he wasn’t surprised a group like YDSA “would use such violent language.”

“If you idolize murderous figures such as Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, people shouldn’t be surprised when those same people condone violence,” he remarked.

“This doesn’t surprise me at all that an extreme leftist organization like YDS would use such violent langauge.”

Collins did not hold back when discussing ISU’s role in this extreme thinking:

“These indoctrinated students are just using the tools of the figures they have been taught to worship throughout their education here at Iowa State…This is just another example of the dangers of progressive education is having on our youth and it’s very troubling my own university will not [condemn] it.”


They called attention to themselves earlier this semester with a tweet suggesting that President Donald Trump should be shot.

Socialist group calls for the extermination of capitalists.

YDSA is an officially approved school organization. They describe themselves as an ISU political club that “dedicates ourselves to political education, activism, community organization, and volunteer work centered around the ideals of democratic socialism and achieving social justice.”

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