Socialists listen up! Epic rant about Venezuela and history repeating

Socialists listen up! Epic rant about Venezuela and history repeating

Socialists here in the U.S can look to Venezuela for inspiration and understanding regarding the inner workings of socialism.

Exibit A: Venezuela is so broke that it can’t even supply it’s own electricity to factories due to a failing grid system, They have even had problems supplying toilet paper to citizens unfortunate enough to live there.

Exibit B: It’s largest beer producer, Polar, had to stop production several weeks ago because it wasn’t able to import barley due to its lack of foreign exchange, and Venezuelans are among the world’s heaviest beer consumers…

Watch this Parks and Rec clip of the Venezuelan government, hilarious yet eerily accurate

With the warmer seasons fast approaching, there will be a lot of thirsty people angered at the failed government of Nicholas Maduro.

But unlike failed candidate for president here in the U.S. Bernie Sanders, Maduro doesn’t have Wall Street or the “1%” to blame for the economic hardships faced by his country.  One strategy the Venezuelan president has up his sleeve is to blame the United States for all the problems socialism brings.  He plans to use military exercises to counter “foreign threats.”  Maduro accused the USA last year of destabilizing the country at the request of the “fascist Venezuelan right.” This is the distraction technique he used when declaring a state of emergency.

Exibit C: Another strategy Maduro has used is to announce sweeping crackdowns under an emergency decree, ordering the seizure of various factories and the incarceration of their owners.  Basically, he will do anything possible to contain his raging economic crisis that has led to skyrocketing prices, riots, food shortages, looting and vigilante justice.

Addressing his socialist supporters Maduro recently said, “We must take all measures to recover productive capacity, which is being paralyzed by the bourgeoisie.” He went on, “Anyone who wants to halt production to sabotage the country should get out, and those who do must be handcuffed and sent to the PVG (Venezuelan General Penitentiary).”

The emergency decree is quite likely Maduro’s attempt at preventing a recall vote or even a coup to his leadership–or actually his lack of it. Opposition leaders claim that he’s using the decree to destabilize the country and prevent them from organizing a referendum on booting him out of office.

So there you have it socialists here in the U.S.  A country with immense oil reserves has it’s own people starving and rioting in the streets.  Meanwhile Maduro’s government is perpetrating horrible violence.   It’s like the history of socialism and communism throughout repeating itself yet again.

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