Katie Daviscourt, South Seattle College Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter president, told Breitbart News that she feels “more empowered than ever” following last week’s “bias incident” resulting in a hit and run car accident.

Daviscourt spoke to Alex Marlow from SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily on Tuesday about a recent hit and run accident that police are currently investigating. A man allegedly followed the Turning Point USA activist with his vehicle as she walked to her car last week.

He attempted to run her down multiple times in the parking lot of her college while she ducked and ran between rows of cars to dodge him. The man caused Daviscourt to fear for her life before the man struck another vehicle and fled the scene.

She said that she feels “more empowered than ever,” and that “other students are catching on,” referring to the importance of expressing conservative views.

Daviscourt said that one officer told her that he considered the incident a “hate crime,” adding that she believes the man is a student, noting that he had “showed up to class” on Monday, where he was then “served with emergency suspension papers.”

Daviscourt said, “Yes, they have turned into the radical leftist party — and I don’t know when enough is enough.  Intervention has to happen at some point, there’s a war on conservatives, and its actually a frightening time to be a conservative, especially if you’re in a very liberal city like I am.”

“American patriots have fought and died to make this country the greatest country in the world… and this statement rings true today.”

She also courageously said that she intends to remain involved with TPUSA on campus following the attack.

“I definitely want to be more outspoken, and I want to do it for other conservatives students that felt like me,” Daviscourt said.

“I was extremely silent after the [2016] election, but when students who approach my [TPUSA] table that share similar views — their eyes seriously light up — they cannot believe that someone is on campus with similar views.”

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