Months ago, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill into law concerning the freedom of speech on college campuses for students. Today, one student organization benefits from this law.

Southeastern Community College, located in Des Moines, had previously banned a Turning Point USA Chapter on their university in order to allegedly prevent the spread of hate.

According to the Hawk Eye newspaper, “We do have an application for a student group that is heavily right-winged in its mentality and presentation, and some label it as a hate group,” SCC President Michael Ash told the school’s board of trustees.

The only goal for the Turning Point USA chapter at Southeastern Community college was to become a sanctioned school organization and have access to resources, according to Joel Allen, Turning Point USA chapter president.

The application’s decision was delayed by the Southeastern Community College Board of Trustees because the school consulted legal action to see if the student group would be allowed under hate group and anti-discriminatory laws.

The hate group and anti-discriminatory laws are in violation of the First Amendment because even vulgar speech is still free. Under the free speech on college campuses legislation passed by the Governor, perhaps Southeastern Community College and other colleges will have to edit their speech codes.

The Southeastern Community College Turning Point USA chapter president claimed that being able to speak freely about your opinions is something that is vital to students.

Chapter president Joel Allen says that the institutions that try to silence their students are violating the Constitution and individual freedoms, according to Aaron Calvin of the Des Moines Register.

The same Turning Point USA chapter that was once easily rejected had been able to become an outlet available for students because of the freedom of speech bill passed in the state of Iowa.

Each day students with different opinions are discriminated against on college campuses. Turning Point USA activists fight tirelessly to be recognized. Under freedom of speech legislation in states like Iowa, educators cannot silence students.

“We support efforts to protect free speech at our community colleges and public universities,” said Staci Hupp, communications director for Iowa Department of Education. “Under the new law, complaints are directed to a college’s governing board. The law doesn’t provide a mechanism for state enforcement.”

Turning Point USA chapters exist on more than 1,300 college and high school campuses across the United States. They serve as one of the most influential student organizations to sweep the conservative nation in history. 

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