Stanford Denies ‘College Republicans’ American Flag Logo

Stanford Denies ‘College Republicans’ American Flag Logo

Stanford University’s ‘College Republicans’ campus organization created a new logo to have printed on T-shirts, but the university has denied their logo due to being too American!


Kara Hegwood, a trademark licensing associate at Stanford University, wrote an email to ‘College Republicans’ stating:


“Stanford does not approve the use of the American (or other flag on product also featuring our trademarks (including the Stanford name). We can approve red/white/blue themed product but cannot approve this design which features altered version of the flag in the background of the design, and within the initials for the organization name. I note you feature a different design on your website – we would be able to approve that design on product.”


[Photo Credits to The College Fix]


Although the university denied the organizations new logo, their old logo is a for sure win for the T-shirts [see below].


[Photo Credit to Stanford University College Republicans]


John Rice-Cameron, Stanford student and ‘College Republicans’ president, told The College Fix “he did not want to use the old logo that had been approved be the university. The new logo is emblematic of our club. It shows we are willing to boldly promote conservatism.”


According to Fox News, the organization was planning on selling the new shirts to members and their peers that may have been interested.


Are these university officials, like Kara Hegwood, even American if they are going to deny the American Flag?


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