UPDATE: UPenn TA Stephanie McKellop Returns to the Classroom?

UPDATE: UPenn TA Stephanie McKellop Returns to the Classroom?

Last month, Turning Point News reported on Stephanie McKellop, a UPenn Ph.D. student who had publicly admitted to discriminatory classroom practices. In a series of tweets, McKellop described her ideal, racially segregated classroom.

What did the Tweets say?

Apparently, Stephanie McKellop believes that "black students" are too shy and oppressed to speak in class. Racist, much?
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Indeed, McKellop proudly proclaimed that she would call on “her Black women” first, then other, less important “POC.” She would only call on “white men” if she absolutely “[had] to.”

Unsurprisingly, McKellop’s public, unabashed declaration of her discriminatory practices sparked an uproar. McKellop took to Twitter, claiming that “white nationalists” had “doxxed” her. These “Nazis” were turning UPenn against her. In short, they were responsible for the scandal, not McKellop. At no point did she acknowledge any wrongdoing. She never seemed to consider that others might also find fault with her pedagogy. Rather, “huge alt right” websites were targeting her. These behemoth bullies were flooding her with “hate.”

“Absolute hell”

Stephanie McKellop admitted that she discriminates against white men in class. Also, as noted above, her view of "black students" is quite patronizing.
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Turning Point News was among the first to report on Stephanie McKellop. Soon, she became national news. According to McKellop herself, the University would “condemn” her imminently. According to Campus Reform, she had been kept from teaching that week.

However, the “hell” which McKellop feared never quite materialized. The University of Pennsylvania did release a statement about herin her defense. Dean Steven J. Fluharty announced that, while the issue was being investigated, the university would preserve McKellop’s “right to due process.”

Indeed, the statement was non-committal at best. The University never condemned Stephanie McKellop’s behavior. Her status remained unclear, as did the University’s concern. Would UPenn take steps to prevent future instances of discrimination? Would Stephanie McKellop continue to teach? If so, would she be monitored?

A “dogpile?”

While information remains scarce, Stephanie McKellop’s Twitter account indicates that she has returned to the classroom.

During the scandal, McKellop’s Twitter account went dark. Now, she regularly tweets about her students. She is currently in the midst of grading papers.

Ultimately, Stephanie McKellop seems to have survived the “avalanche of hate” which the “alt-right” piled upon her. She remains a TA and doctoral student at UPenn. She even has a stipend!

At this time, it seems that McKellop was not disciplined for her behavior. Apparently, the University of Pennsylvania is happy to keep her – and, potentially, her racially stratified classroom. McKellop certainly shows no signs of contrition, especially given her continued blaming of the “alt-right.”

So much for “alt-right” hate!

Does McKellop still engage in “progressive stacking?” Does she continue to neglect lesser “POC?” Are white, male students at UPenn aware of McKellop’s apparent disdain for them? Do her racial biases affect her grading?

Indeed, information remains scarce. Turning Point News will continue to follow this story and hopefully gain clarity. Was McKellop ever disciplined? How does UPenn intend to prevent further discrimination (if at all)?

As always, we welcome input from Stephanie McKellop and UPenn officials.

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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