Student Pressured to Apologize for Wearing Blackhawks Jersey

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A student at Bethel University recently issued an apology for wearing a Chicago Blackhawks sweatshirts to his “Social Perspectives, Human Worth and Social Action” class which explores the “themes of culture, power, and oppression in America.”

Student Cody Albrecht, who is from Chicago, was told that the sweatshirt was “offensive and hurtful” and turned the sweatshirt inside out “after becoming aware of the unease in his classroom because of his sweatshirt.”

The instructor of the course seemed to have the most extreme reaction to the incident as he posted a heated response on his Facebook page:

The post has since been deleted but what obtained by The College Fix. Prof. Jacobs has also posted a second post regarding the incident:

A week after he wore the hockey sweatshirt — and after an alleged meeting with the head of the Social Work department to discuss the situation — Albrecht issued a formal apology to the class. Professor Jacobs claims it was a teachable moment.

“I’m glad to say that this became an incredible learning opportunity for the student we had a lengthy conversation about it and the student really listened to why those images are offensive and hurtful,” Jacobs stated in the second Facebook post.

“This seems pretty ridiculous. Although, as a Wild fan I am pretty triggered by the Blackhawks.”

The controversy promoted a conversation at the Minnesota college. Some students believe that the coerced apology was “public shaming” while others believe the reaction was warranted.

“It was not necessary to get the head of his major’s department involved,” a student told The College Fix, “they were using intimidation tactics.”

What do you think about the controversy regarding this student’s Chicago Blackhawks sweatshirt? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

(H/T The College Fix)

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