Student Writes 66-Page Dissertation on Beyonce

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Colleges are not what they used to be. Whereas students of yesteryear wrote dissertations on politicians, economists, inventors or other significant intellectuals, one sociology student at the University of Warwick had a different idea.

Molly Inglis, age 20, recently wrote her dissertation about Beyonce. Molly has analyzed over 10,000 words of Beyonce lyrics over the past year and compiled her analysis into a 66-page paper on “Beyonce Feminism.”

“She promotes very sex-positive messages,” Molly told the BBC, “She is encouraging women to be sexual to take control of things in the bedroom and to have sex for themselves, for their own pleasure,” she said.

So basically, according to Molly, “Beyonce feminism” is all about encouraging women to go out and have casual sex while reducing women’s value to the sex they have.

But Molly also managed to integrate discussions of racism into her dissertation.

“The criticism Beyonce gets for embracing feminism comes because she’s a black artist,” Molly claimed to the BBC, “White artists who do the same thing don’t get criticized in the same way. I think her embracing feminism is a really good thing because it moves feminism from academic texts to more accessible ways of understanding it.”

Whatever your thoughts on Beyonce, it’s clear she’s become one of the most significant figures in both the African-American communities as well as an icon for the feminism movement. And we can only hope she continues to inspire a new generation of youth.

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