Students call on Southern Cal president to buy a Prius

Students call on Southern Cal president to buy a Prius

It was part of a demonstration by “dozens of students” demanding that the school create an “action plan” to fight global warming.


Specifically, they wanted President Max Nikias to sign Second Nature’s Presidential Climate Commitment that binds the school to create “deadlines for the creation and implementation of a climate action plan.” They also want the university to “submit an annual evaluation of progress” to their Second Nature activist network.


During their demonstration they encountered Nikias and took up the chant “Hey Nikias, buy a Prius” They also changed “High tuition, no green ambitions, all we have is hella emissions.”


The document states, “We believe carbon neutrality and resilience are extremely high priority areas of action for all institutions and we aim to lead the nation in these efforts. We urge others to join us in transforming society towards a sustainable, healthy, and more prosperous future.” The school replied that many of the things that the group is seeking already are a part of the school’s environmental sustainability plan.


No matter. Facts don’t count.


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