Video: Pro-Choice Students At Catholic University Host “Sex Week”

Video: Pro-Choice Students At Catholic University Host “Sex Week”

Last week, pro-choice students at Xavier University, an Ohio Catholic school, stirred up controversy when they hosted the university’s first ever “sex week” to promote and celebrate abortion, contraceptives and free sex. The Church Militant reports that the event was made to bash the Catholic university’s teaching on abstinence, contraception, sex, and abortion.

The argument of the students is based on lies

In their video titled “Kiss My Pink XU,” the pro-choice students complained that the University refused to distribute any form of birth control or contraception for any reason including using birth control to regulate menstrual cycles and help with pain. In the first question of the video, the student asks why tuition is $50,000 a year when the school is not concerned about health care and refuses to distribute any form of contraceptives. Others said that contraceptives have helped them in the past but are no longer available to them through their school. These students are spreading the lie that their Catholic school wants them to be sick and experience menstrual pain.

However, their claim is false and based on lies that they want people to believe and dislike the Catholic Church. According to the United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops, which explains every aspect of the Catholic Church in great detail, the use of contraceptives for legitimate medical reasons is allowed, as long as there is no contraceptive intent. The USCCB also acknowledges that doctors are quick to prescribe contraceptives when there are often other safer alternatives.

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Xavier University is a Catholic university and will follow Catholic traditions

Catholic University
File: Xavier University

The second part of the video addresses the school’s abstinence and contraceptives policy. The students complained that contraceptives make them feel safe when they are having sex and that a lack of contraceptives will not stop them from having sex. Also, the students believe that contraceptives should be available to rape victims. After all, the woman has suffered enough and shouldn’t have to worry about becoming pregnant. One student pointed out that less than 54% of the students are Catholic and another asked, “Aren’t we supposed to be tolerant of all beliefs?” The better question is why did these students go to a Catholic University when their beliefs don’t line up with the schools? If they are looking to change the school, they will be unsuccessful. Pro-life advocate and Catholic student, Evan Ward, told the Xavier Newswire, “Even though the video pointed out that less than 54 percent of us are Catholic, it’s still a Catholic institution regardless of the demographics. If we’re going to call ourselves a Catholic university, we should act like a Catholic university.”