Students Promise to ‘Rage On’ After Shutting Down Right Wingers

Students Promise to ‘Rage On’ After Shutting Down Right Wingers

Students who are part of a far-left protest group at the University of Pittsburgh have promised to rage on after shutting down a campus debate between two right wing groups.

The debate was taking place between representatives of The Heritage Foundation and The Cato Institute. Heritage Foundation is a conservative organization dedicated to promoting the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense. Cato Institute is a public policy think tank and promotes the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace.

The university’s Intercollegiate Studies Institute brought the two groups to campus (with the assistance of the Libertarian and Republican clubs) for a debate on September 20th focused on immigration. The question to be debated was: “Are Trump’s Immigration Policies Harming America?” However, the event was quickly disrupted by the Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition (PSSC).

Protester greets camera.

The group used kazoos and party hats to loudly and visibly disrupt the debate. This juvenile behavior later prompted Hans A. von Spakovsky, the representative from The Heritage Foundation, to ask a series of questions:

“What did they think they were achieving? Did they really think such infantile behavior helped advance their side of the argument and persuaded folks in the audience that they have the correct substantive view on immigration issues?”

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One protester was arrested and detained on Wednesday night. However, the group is determined to keep at it. They released a statement on Facebook that declares their intent to continue being disruptive:

“[The] University of Pittsburgh brings right-wing speakers to have “debates” about immigration, continues to defend racist s***, and arrests any student who brings this to attention. The Pitt College Republican’s “debate” had no room for the names of those who have lost their lives to this death machine.”

PC: PSSC/Dismay Design

This declaration followed their citation of the following:

-Cops in St. Louis kill unarmed black man and aren’t indicted.
-Campus cops at Georgia Tech kill a queer kid for having a mental health crisis and a multi-tool.
-There have been 232 border deaths and more than 240,000 deportations of undocumented people this year.

In closing, the group did not censor whatsoever:

“From border police, to campus police, to the racist killers in St. Louis, F*** every cop who ever did their job. Rage on in the face of state terror.”

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