Syrian Refugees: Law vs. Lies

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Syrian refugees are a repeated headline in American media today, but what is the truth behind all of the political rhetoric?

The question we are asked is: what reasoning lies behind barring any Syrian refugees from the U.S.? Well, the answer is simple: examine the current refugee situation in Europe. Truth is both sides are right in some respect; it is the current administration that must be found faulty.

First, there is a law to take care of the concern of the anti-Syrian refugee crowd, no matter how much open borders activists may wish to ignore it. The Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act deals directly with the issue of refugees, particularly the hot button topic of those from Syria.

However, in addition to sweeping the law concerning the topic under the rug, there is another dirty secret hidden below the surface of Syrian refugee hysteria- the need that the current legislation, and the Obama administration is overlooking in favor of its unapologetically pro-Islam record: Christian Syrian genocide.

Despite the Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act meeting the needs of our nation on this issue, it falls short in rescuing Syrian Christians from brutal genocide because the State Department has fallen short. If the State Department adapts its genocide list to include Christians, and President Obama conveys the truth to the American people, both Americans and innocent Syrians of all backgrounds; not just Muslim, will be able to live out their God-ordained rights.

Despite ignoring the law, and Christian genocide, another problem with the media’s attempt at a Cinderella story with Syrians is that it just doesn’t make sense in light of the “refugees'” behavior. Just one of the many crimson stains on their innocent asylum seeker claim is the Paris attacks, which were associated with Syrian refugees.

And in London, a 53-year old Libyan man convicted of over 70 crimes was allowed to stay because he was an alcoholic (Ibrahim). According to Gatestone Institute, in Germany a coalition of four social workers’ organizations and women’s’ rights groups sent a two-page letter to German politicians.

The letter stated,

“The consequences [of the influx of refugees] are numerous rapes and sexual assaults. We are also receiving an increasing number of reports of forced prostitution. It must be stressed: these are not isolated cases. Women report that they, as well as children, have been raped or subjected to sexual assault.”

Of course, it is true that America cannot base the Syrian refugee crisis on solely that of Europe’s experience; it is necessary to be guided by rule of law; but to do that, one must be clear on what the Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act, the law on this issue, actually rules.

According to the website of Ted Cruz, the senator who passed the Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Act, it “…immediately bars any refugee who is “a national of, has habitually resided in, or is claiming refugee status due to events in” any country that contains territory controlled in substantial part by a Foreign Terrorist Organization, as designated by the State Department. The bill specifically names Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen, and the State Department is empowered to identify and designate additional countries.”

The only exception to this is “A refugee from one of the identified high-risk countries can be admitted, but only if the prospective refugee proves “clearly and beyond doubt” that he or she satisfies the requirements for refugee status and is a member of a group that has been designated as a victim of genocide by the State Department or by Act of Congress.” This important three year ruling will expire or be restarted if need be, and prevents potential terrorists or otherwise undesirable people from blending in with the overflow of refugees, while still meeting the needs of the persecuted by allowing entrance to those groups who are at risk.

But, as previously noted, the State Department, despite having the flexibility within the law to do so, has neglected add Christians-a group facing genocide- to a list of those worthy of refugee status; despite ISIS and others hunting them down in the Middle East, only three percent of the total refugees have been Christian.

To add salt to the wound, not only does the current administration deny the existence of a prominent human rights violation, it denies the fact that the anti-Christian sentiment driving it is carried across the world by those they claim are refugees themselves.

According to Ibrahim, in Belgium on Christmas Day 2015, refugees set fire to a Christmas tree. A July report told of how two small families of Christian asylum seekers were harassed and abused by approximately 80 Muslim asylum seekers from Syria. The Muslims — described by one Swedish newspaper as “fundamentalist Islamists” — and the Christians resided in the same asylum house. As in Germany, the Muslims ordered the Christians not to use communal areas and not to wear crosses around their necks.

Even when Christian Syrians find refuge, the Muslims in the camps often bring the religious persecution from home with them.
Bottom line: the Act works with the State Department’s list of groups facing genocide; and the State Department has refused to admit Christians to this list, despite admitting Yazidis, a tiny ethnic group with the same situation as Christians. Currently, there are many groups lobbying the State Department to make this change.

President Obama has made many statements concerning Syrian refugees, asserting at one point that they are “No bigger threat than tourists.” President Obama also told the American people that they are mostly women and children; today’s Mayflower Pilgrims, if you will. Additionally he said that the “states cannot legally block [the Syrians].”

President Obama’s claim that the refugees are harmless women and children is somewhat true; 67% of the United Nations’ referred refugees have been. However, 62% of European refugees have been males. This is why the Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act is incredible, if enforced correctly; it helps these women and children of any religion who are on a genocide list, and keeps America safe from the men ransacking Europe. President Obama’s notion that the states cannot block these men is misleading and wrong; the act secures this necessary right.

In conclusion, there are two sides to every coin, and the media plays to extremes; ban all Syrians, or open the borders without restraint. However, as is true with many issues in life, it is not quite so black and white. The Terrorist Refugee Prevention Act as a law is sufficient to meet America’s needs, while maintaining our legacy of democracy, hope and freedom. What is causing the disparity is that Congress, the Obama administration and others in seats of power will not adapt this legislation and the media coverage to properly discuss and meet the needs of a group suffering by the thousands on a daily basis: Syrian Christians.

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