T-Mobile is the first carrier to release Note 7 battery-killing update

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T-Mobile released an update on Wednesday that will prevent users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices from charging its battery.  This update will render the phones useless and force users to trade them in for a different device.  AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are expected to release similar updates in the first week of January.

Roughly 93% of Note 7 devices have been traded in ever since a recall was put on them back in September, due to a battery issue causing the devices to catch on fire.

The U.S.-based battery-killing update will force the remaining Note 7 users to finally trade in their phones for a different device.

Samsung first announced the update at the beginning of December.  Initially, Verizon refused to participate, citing an “added risk” for customers who did not have an alternate phone.  Recently, the carrier changed its mind and will now push the update on January 5.

Samsung also limited the Note 7’s battery charging in Canada this month.  Now, the devices can no longer connect to any Canadian mobile network.

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